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You’re Favourite Japanese-Chinese & Korean restaurant!
Situated in the heart of Brick Lane, Yuriko is offering a refreshing varied selection of tantalizing hot and cold Japanese-Chinese and Korean cuisine. We strive to keep pace with our customers’ demands and offer only the best with every dish served. Our goal is to accommodate any and all special requests by offering a large selection of dishes tailored to suit all diet requirements and to satisfy all your food cravings.
From the more traditional sashimi and nigiri to modern style bento and inviting party platters, Yuriko’s chef is committed to using only the best fresh ingredients in our restaurant’s savoury recipes.
If you’re longing for a traditional taste or fusion, Japanese flavoured, Chinese and Korean delicious signature dishes, or you’re simply undecided, have a look at our tempting menu and don’t hesitate to give us a call!
Please Note :: All our meat ( chicken, beef, duck) is halal.